The Challenge

Alibi The Show, that part scavenger hunt, comedy, tour, and dinner. ALL in one fun show! Communicating and marketing this core message was the challenge when we had no imagery or footage samples of the actual show. This website was built months before the launch of the business and it had to sell bookings.

The Solution

First, create a fun character that goes along with the logo. Next, for the website, we had sell the 6 differentiating factors that makes this show an unique experience for both locals and tourists. Using fun imagery and a video explainer of what Alibi The Show really is, we were able market the single page site to launch with a successful start.

Project Info

Client: Alibi The Show

Project Specifics:

  • Logo Design
  • Character Illustration
  • Web Development

The Logo Design


Logo Sketche and Ideas


The Final Logo


The Website


alibi site screenshot.png

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