The Challenge

Enok Labs was brought on to rebrand Little jDy's, a home based business that provides children footwear. The challenge was the name, Little jDy's which barely communicated the right message of what this small business is all about.

This small business needed a new brand and visual strategy from the ground up. The name had to have an essence of the traditional footwear of Native American moccasins and at the same time also providing other styles for the nowadays trendy cultures.

The Solution

After many hours exploring Little jDy's target audience, it's core message, and coming up with hundreds of names and word combinations, we had finally figured it out.

The word Tribe, indicates the Native American culture combined with the word Kicks, indicating shoes and trendy footwear, it was the perfect combination. And so Tribe Kicks was born.

We proceed first with giving it a new brand identity. Explored different logo concept. Next was gathering all graphical assets photography of the shoes to then finally setup a full e-commerce website.

Project Info

Client: Tribe Kicks

Project Specifics:

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • E-commerce Website

The Logo Design

Logo Exploration with different font styles

tribe Kicks Exploration.png


The Final Logo


TK Symbol


Full Text Logo


The Product Photography

sample tk 2.png
bg-hero-original 33.jpg
sample tk 3.png
sample tk 1.png

The Website

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